We are born to give.


Rivers do not drink their own water;
trees do not eat their own fruit;
the sun does not shine on itself and
flowers do not spread their fragrance for

Living for others is a rule of nature.
We are all born to help each other.
No matter how difficult it is.
Life is good when you are happy;
but much better when others are happy because
of you…


Sabemos que los àrboles no comen sus propias frutas

Las vacas no bebeen su propia leche

Los rios no beben su propia agua

Tenemos que aprender el servicio hacia nuestros hermanos y hermanas

Y todos los objectos de la naturaleza

Para asugurar el presente y el porvenir de la humanidad


pibanti nadyaḥ svayameva nāmbhaḥ

svayaṁ na khādanti phalāni vṛkṣāḥ

nādanti sasyaṁ khalu vārivāhāḥ

paropakārāya satāṁ vibhūtayaḥ



Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA

Decentralizing healthcare 🚀 Medical Doctor turned Serial Entrepreneur. Boston & Miami-based. Studied physics, medicine, radiology, & business. Always Learning