The Thyme Machine Cafe: Where Thyme Capsules and Legacies Brew Together

Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA
3 min readSep 20, 2023

A Flavorful Look Into The Future of Our Brand

If you’ve ever marveled at the concept of time capsules, you’re not alone. These vaults of history hold fragments of days gone by, providing future generations a glimpse into our lives, values, and even our favorite foods. Inspired by a heartfelt message from my alma mater about institutional legacies and time capsules, I started thinking — what if we applied these timeless (or should I say ‘thymely’) concepts to the Thyme Machine Cafe?

What is a Thyme Capsule?

As the owner of a food truck that brings a taste of Lebanon to Miami, preserving tradition while also innovating has been the cornerstone of my venture. So, borrowing a leaf from the time capsule concept, how about a Thyme Capsule Initiative?

Picture this: a specially crafted vault, perhaps a beautiful wooden box or a copper container, where we can store:

  • Customer testimonials that bring a tear to your eye
  • Snapshots of people enjoying their first-ever manouche
  • A secret recipe sealed until the capsule is opened in a decade!

Then, at a grand event worthy of a red-carpet rollout, we seal this treasure trove of memories. Fast forward to the 10th anniversary of the Thyme Machine Cafe, and pop! We unseal a burst of nostalgia, flavors, and lessons for the next decade of…



Rachid Akiki, MD, MBA

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